Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ingestion Of Essential Oils


It is against the codes of practice for an Aromatherapist in Australia to prescribe the oral ingestion of essential oils. In France, the Aromatherapists who prescribe the oils orally, are also medical doctors. In Australia you must have studied aromatic medicine & be an aromatic medicine practitioner to prescribe this method.

The Australian Traditional Medicine Society states "suitably qualified medical practitioners may prescribe the ingestion of essential oils providing the essential oils are combined with other non-essential oil ingredients which are included for therapeutic use and product is listed or registered on the TGA ARTG. The prescribed level of essential oil should be regarded as safe. That is the level of prescribed oil should be less than the maximum levels established by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee."

I will not recommend or prescribe this method. This level of knowledge should only be available from those who have attained an Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine. The use of certain essential oils in very low dosages to make toothpaste and mouth wash however seems to be an acceptable method without recommeding to swallow them.
Essential oils enter the blood most quickest through the skin via topical application anyway.

Reasons why the oral ingestion of essential oils may not be recommended for the general public is because a great deal of essential oils knowledge and expertise is necessary for safe practice :
  • Some essential oils can be toxic to the liver or kidneys when ingested.
  • Chemical breakdown of essential oils during gastric processing can change the effects.
  • There could be potential drug interactions.

Just thought I would clear that up! If anyone has any thoughts or opinions please feel free to comment. ;)

Kirsten Smit
Aromatherapy for Australia


  1. Hi Kirsten, may I ask where the quote you used comes from please? I would likw to share this information ...

    1. The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

  2. is this still relevant information
    if so how is it possible that consultants working for do Terrra essential oils recommend ingesting oils. I have heard a consultant tell a mother to give an 8mth old baby oregano for parasites - I do believe this could be fatal

    1. Yes I have covered it more in detail in a more recent post :


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